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Discover our selection of tours and activities to spice up your journey in Panama. We selected for you the best activities to do and make it easier on the preparation of you next vacation. On top of the amazing tours you will find below, AZORA AGENCY® gives you the best tools to search and book your flight tickets and rental car at a preferential rate.

Ready to get the most of your journey in Panama City, Boquete and Bocas del Toro? Follow the guide!

From Panama City

Discover our selection of tours and activities to spice up your journey in Panama City.

San Blas 1D

Made up of 365 coral islets, of which only 60 are inhabited, the archipelago is located in the Caribbean Sea, on the north coast of the Isthmus of Panama. This day trip will allow you to discover several postcard-style spots, enjoy a local lunch and have a good time in these crystal-clear waters of paradise. Ready for a great experience?

Price: 150$ per person

San Blas 2D/1N

For a breathtaking travel experience in the San Blas, to take the time to discover the tropical archipelago and relax on your own little island under the palm trees, a night’s sleep on this corner of paradise is highly recommended. A night away in bungalow is waiting for you. Discover the Kuna culture and enjoy a relaxing time in paradise!

Price: 220$ per person

San Blas 3D/2N

For the more adventurous, or in search of total immersion in the local life of the Kuna community, take your time and sleep on the San Blas acrhipel for two nights. This will allow you to really switch off. The program includes relaxing on the beach, swimming, reading under the coconut trees and socializing with the local community.

Price: 330$ per person

Bayano Lake in 1 Day

Get away from it all and live life as it should. The 350-square-kilometer lake is home to hundreds of species of birds and other animals, some of which are extremely rare. Enjoy a day far from everything, visit the beautiful Bayano Caves and do kayak on the most wonderful lake of Panama.

Price: 85$ per person

Bayano Lake 2D/1N

Jump on this unforgettable adventure and enjoy the hotel facilities on your private bungalow (private jacuzzi, full pension, breathtaking views, kayak…) and relax. You will have the opportunity to explore the Bayano Caves with a local guide and go kayaking on a beautiful lake.

Price: 200$ per person

Bayano Lake 3D/2N

Take the time and enjoy the amazing atmosphere for two unforgettable nights. Enjoy the hotel facilities (private jacuzzi, full pension, breathtaking views, kayak…) and relax. You will have the opportunity to explore the Bayano Caves with a local guide and go kayaking on a beautiful lake.

Price: 320$ per person

Pearl Islands in 1 Day

The Pearl Islands are most famous for their spectacular white sand deserted beaches, scuba diving, marine life (whale watching) and delicate ecosystems. Enjoy a day in paradise and explore the beauty of this archipelago.

Price: 85$ per person

Pearl Islands 2D/1N

Enjoy a boat ride from Panama City to the Saboga Island. Part of the Pearl Archipelago, discover the richness of the Saboga Island with white sand deserted beaches. Enjoy a night in your superior room to relax and take time looking at the most beautiful sunset.

Price: 200$ per person

Pearl Islands 3D/2N

Take the time and relax for two unforgettable nights in the Saboga Island. Located right on the beach, you will have the opportunity to explore the islands and discover the richness of the marine life on the archipelago with a local guide.

Price: 320$ per person

Panama City, Panama canal, Amador and Casco Viejo

Panama Canal, Amador & Casco

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Panama Canal during your stay in Panama City. This half-day tour with a private guide gives you the flexibility to see the sights at your own pace. See the modern side of the city as you pass Spanish colonial architecture in the narrow streets of Casco Antiguo (Old Town). From the Old to the new world, borders are incredibly thin in this amazing land!

Price: From 85$ per person

Monkey island, sloth sanctuary in Panama

Monkey Island & Sloth Sanctuary

This Monkey Island, Sloth Sanctuary and Gatun Lake tour is an easy way to explore the rainforest wilderness for a day away from Panama City. Get up close and personal with monkeys and sloths in a safe environment. Take a boat ride on vast Gatun Lake where you can continue your wildlife watching. Watch out for alligators, toucans, turtles and many species of butterflies.

Price: From 143$ per person

Chagres Rainforest & Embera Indigenous Village

Encountering traditional Embera communities in Chagres National Park is a memorable part of exploring Panama, in a private tour. Cruise a jungle river, hike to a waterfall, and see a performance of traditional song and dance, with round-trip transport from Panama City in the comfort of a private vehicle.

Price: From 120$ per person

Monkey island, Indians community in Panama

Monkey Island & Indians community

Combine some of the best day trips from Panama City, Panama for a day of discovery. This adventure includes a boat ride on Gatun Lake, the Panama Canal, a visit to Monkey Island, where you will be in contact of three species of monkeys, and a visit to Soberania National Park and an authentic indigenous village.

Price: From 148 per person

Catamaran tour in Taboga island, Panama

Catamaran tour Taboga Island

Escape Panama City on one of the marina’s largest catamarans to boat, swim, sunbathe, eat and dance. Sail into the depths of Taboga Island, where you can swim, sunbathe on the beach, and visit island villages. Enjoy the sundeck, shaded areas, speakers, refreshments, lunch, and an open bar aboard the catamaran.

Price: From 99$ per person

Bikes in Panama City

Panama City by bike with buddys

This is from far the best bike excursion of Panama City company in Panama. We want to ensure that it is a beautiful experience to explore Panama in a fun way. Amazing way to meet people who know the culture of Panama and build unforgettable memories in Panama. Ideal start for a fantastic trip in Central America!

Price: From 30$ per person

Fishing in Panama, Pearl Island

Fishing day at Pearl Island

Experience a customized fishing charter in the Pearl Islands of Panama. This his full-day adventure includes a personalized itinerary with an experienced crew aboard a Proline 27 speedboat powered by a 150 horsepower engine. Catch fish, snorkel, watch whales, and enjoy beer and other beverages with complimentary high-quality gear.

Price: From 700$ per person

Whales observation in Panama, Pearl Island

Whales observation Pearl Island

From June to November, Panama’s Pacific coast is a scene of one of nature’s greatest wonders. From the Arctic and Antarctic whales travel over 5,000 miles to migrate to warm waters where they give birth. This private boat tour takes you from Panama City to the Pearl Islands. You’ll also fish, snorkel on this paradise archipelago.

Price: From 700$ per person

Kayak in Panama, Chiriqui

Kayak adventure in Chiriqui

Enjoy a private kayak tour with no noise. Get close to the animals so you can get a better feeling of the wildlife. The main purpose of kayak is to feel senses better. Wetlands are said to be the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world. Now you can take this opportunity to discover this treasure in a fun way, like kayaking.

Price: From 65$ per person

In Boquete

Discover our selection of tours and activities to spice up your journey in Boquete.

Tea Tour

Welcome to the world of this millenary beverage, consumed more than 5 thousand years ago; made from the leaves of a plant known as Camellia Cinensis-commonly called tea plant.

Learn about its origin, anatomy, growth, harvesting and production processes. Culminating with a tasting of the 4 classic teas: White Tea, Green Tea, Oolong and Black Tea.

Included: Transportation from downtown Boquete (Los Establos Plaza) to the park and back, visit to tea plantation, tasting of different types of tea
and professional bilingual guide

Duration: 4 hours

Price: 35$ per person

Geisha Coffee Tour

We invite you to the Rio Cristal Farm at 1700 meters above sea level, where you will visit a unique plantation of different varieties of fine coffees and experience the flavor and aroma of 9 types of quality coffees of the Kotowa brand. You will learn why nutty, fruity or floral flavors develop in the bean and how the process and roasting affect the flavor and above all, how to recognize a good coffee.

Included: Transportation from downtown Boquete to the park and back, walk to the plantations, graphic tour of the history of coffee, tasting of different varieties of coffee, professional bilingual guides.

Duration: 2 hours

Price: 35$ per person

La Solera Rum Tour

Characteristics, type of distillation, alcohol content, place of origin, bouquet, body, quality control, color, presentation, time and aging process of rum… Learn everything about La Solera Rum while enjoying a memorable tasting (Extra Light Rum, Light Rum, Añejo Rum and Golden Cask).

Included: Graphic tour on the history of rum and the Carta Vieja brand, rum tasting and professional bilingual guide.

Duration: 2 hours

Price: 35$ per person

Hanging bridges Tour

This is your unique opportunity to enjoy from a different perspective the biodiversity of Panama’s tropical cloud forest. It is a circuit of 6 trails combined with 6 hanging bridges of 4.5 kilometers over the treetops.
It is a new adventure where you will enjoy breathtaking views of rivers, waterfalls and the imposing Baru Volcano. An endless number of beauties that will make you live a unique experience.

Included: Transportation from downtown Boquete to the park and back, 4.5 km + 06 bridges and 07 trails and professional bilingual guides.

Duration: 2 hours

Price: 35$ per person – there is a possibility to do a private tour at 55$ per person

Zipline Tour

Glide over centuries-old treetops, rivers and waterfalls; admire the most incredible collection of natural landscapes bordering La Amistad International Park and the famous Baru Volcano.
4.5 kilometers of extension divided into 12 cables. You will glide through the trees and face an unknown world… a fascinating perspective of life that you never thought would exist for you.

Included: Transportation from downtown Boquete to the park and back, full safety equipment, briefing, tour of the 12 lines and 14 stations and professional bilingual guides.

Duration: 3 hours

Price: 70$ per person

Bird watching Tour

Join us to tour our nature reserve “Rio Cristal”. A privileged place, located more than 1,700 meters above sea level, in the limits of the “Parque Internacional La Amistad” within the Talamanca mountain range. Explore the exuberant flora and fauna of the environment where we have listed more than 150 species of birds, many of them endemic.

Included: Visit to the Rio Cristal Reserve and professional bilingual guide.

Duration: 4 hours

Price: 70$ per person

In Bocas del Toro

Discover our selection of tours and activities to spice up your journey in Bocas del Toro.

Zapatilla island

Head first to the Bahia Honda area where you can spot dolphins. Then you will reach a small mangrove island where you can see sloths in their natural state. Equipped with a mask and snorkel, proceed to Cayo Coral to observe the coral gardens and the wildlife there, many species of fish and sponges. Afterwards, you have a typical regional dishes based on seafood, fish or chicken.

Then explore the magnificent Zapatilla Island, part of the Bastimento Marine National Park, home to nesting sea turtles. The rest of the afternoon is free enjoy the beach and its crystal clear waters!

Included: Snorkeling equipment (full face mask or mask and snorkel) Coolbox and unlimited water Pick-up from the hotel (city center or Carenero Island) Field guideon local flora and fauna

Price: 40$ per person

photo of man fishing

Private fishing in Paradise

Spend 4 hours fishing with local fishermen at the best spots in Bocas, explaining the techniques used and the fish found here. You can then eat the fish at a local restaurant, store it, or give it as a gift to a local family.

Included: Fishing rods for 4 ($25 for each additional person) Welcome drink Coolbox and unlimited water Hotel pickup (Downtown and Carenero Island) Not included: Pick-up from your hotel (if far away)

Price: 280$ for 2 persons + 25$ p.p (up to 4 persons)

Bahia Honda bat cave

First, snorkeling to Punta Hospital. Arriving at Bastimentos, you can spot dolphins in Bahia honda before diving into the mangroves. Open your eyes to see monkeys, sloths, caimans, and red frogs. You will then arrive at the entrance of the Ngöbé Buglé community of Bahia Honda, where you will be met by your local guide. A short hike through the forest with your guide will allow you to spot flora and fauna before arriving in front of the prehistoric bat cave. At the end of the visit, the more adventurous can dive off the rocks into the natural pools located within the cave. We recommend to take typical food cooked by the community

Included: Entrance to the national park Local guide Size water shoes Coolbox and unlimited water Hotel pickup (downtown or Carenero Island)

Price: 50$ per person

Chocolate in cacao farm

Immerse yourself in the village of Ngabe and discover how cacao is grown and processed into chocolate in the traditional way by local artisans. Discover other plants on the property. Participate in cocao work and taste seeds and chocolate along the way. A typical local meal is included in the tour. Also, part of the travel money will be reinvested in the community (planting projects, infrastructure improvements).

Included: Visit with a local guide, Coolbox and unlimited water Hotel pickup (Bocas town or Carenero Island), Meals and candy bars

Price: 60$ per person

starfish underwater

Playa Estrella (Starfish beach)

Discovered in the northern region of Coron Island. First stop at the beautiful and pristine Bird Island, a peace haven for gorgeous species of birds. Head to Boca del Drago for a walk where you can discover beautiful beaches. About 3 hours of free time at Starfish Beach. Many lunch options at local restaurants. Last snorkeling stop before heading back to Bocas.

Included: Fresh unlimited water Hotel pickup (Bocas Town or Carenero Island), Snorkel Equipment

Price: 35$ per person

light sea nature art

Bioluminescence in Bocas

Take a boat ride at night and discover the incredible bioluminescence of plankton. For 2 hours, in 3 different locations, see how they react to moves and lights in the crystal dark water to spot 2 species of bioluminescent plankton. Part of the visit consists of snorkeling in bioluminescence, a unique and wonderful experience!

Included: Pick-up from your hotel (Bocas Town or Carenero Island), Snorkel equipment

Price: 30$ per person

clownfish near coral reef

Coral restauration project

Visit the Coral Restoration Project in Bocas de Toro. Start snorkeling at the restoration site, then meet with members of the association to learn more about the project. Finally, go to another location to snorkel and see different fish and corals. A portion of the prize money will fund coral restoration projects.

Included: Snorkel equipment Coolbox and unlimited water Pick-up at your hotel (if you are in Carenero or Bocas Town)

Price: 50$ per person

close up photo of a toucan

Piying creek Preserved area

Discover the less touristy but unspoiled areas of San Cristobal during a 2-hour walking tour with a local, English-speaking guide. Many species of birds (toucans, hummingbirds, vultures, etc.), red frogs, monkeys, sloths and more can be seen on the property and in the jungle.

Afterwards, snack on fresh fruit and board a cayuko (a typical wooden canoe) to paddle along the river through lush vegetation and mangroves to the rhythm of your paddle.

End or start your visit with a snorkeling activity in an intact coral garden.

Included: Cool box and unlimited water, Snorkeling equipment, Fresh fruits snack, Pickup to your hotel (City center or Carenero island)

Price: 90$ per person

silhouette of person riding horse on body of water under yellow sunset

Horse riding jugle – beach in Isla Colon

A half-day horseback ride to discover the north of the island, from Bluff Beach to natural swimming pools and to the small beach of Mimitimbi.

Accompanied by 2 local guides. Horses are trained to be calm and move with encouragement on walks and trots.

Available for all levels, maximum weight 100kg, children 12 years and older.

Price: 55$ per person

All activities are authentic and participate actively to provide support to local communities through the redistribution of a part of the collected money.

Please be aware that tours are subject to availabilities of the guides and boat or farm owners.