About AZORA Travels


Passionate about the art of discovery and immersion in new cultures, we decided to turn our passion into our profession and share our best experiences with you.

Having lived in several continents and traveled around the world, we select our favorite and well known destinations to offer you an authentic stay, while sharing our best tips with you.

“The purpose of AZORA is to make your journey an exceptional experience, off the beaten track. We achieve this goal through a team composed of passionate travelers and local experts, fully dedicated to its customers. Our strength comes from our in-depth knowledge of each destination and each of the authentic itineraries we share, as far away from mass tourism as possible. Your satisfaction is our core value, and we look forward to building your next unforgettable adventure!“

— Colas BOEUF, Co-founder

Our advantage: our local knowledge. We only offer circuits that we have tested and approved ourselves, with local partners with whom we have built up relationships of trust.

“After living in Costa Rica, the idea for AZORA was born when we discovered the authenticity of neighboring Panama. The desire to share the charms of this little-known country came naturally. Today, we do everything in our power to offer tailor-made stays, adapted to the needs of each customer, in countries that are close to our hearts.”

— Clémentine JEANNEAU, Co-founder

Why choosing AZORA?

We understand that every traveler is unique. That’s why we work with you to create tailor-made itineraries that cater to your needs, passions, and dreams. Our goal is to make every journey a personalized and memorable adventure.

Explore our website to discover our destinations, testimonials from satisfied clients, and special offers. Join us on this incredible adventure that is travel and let us show you the world in a way you will never forget.

The world is at your fingertips, and every journey is an opportunity to create extraordinary memories. We look forward to traveling with you.