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Welcome to a true island living atmosphere with water taxis, authentic nature and truly amazing tours all around the archipelago.

The offer includes a personalized AZORA GUIDE with our best tricks & tips for every step of your travel.



10 days/9 nights


From $1,710/pers.*


Immerse yourself in the Caribbean atmosphere of the Bocas del Toro archipelago and enjoy a memorable stay in the tropics with the BOCAS PARAÍSO circuit.

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Day 1:

Upon arrival at the Panama City airport, you will be met by our partner who will take you to your hotel. Settle in comfortably and enjoy the streets of Panama City. Between tall buildings and Spanish architecture, you will be surprised by the cultural richness that the capital of Panama has to offer. Feel free to read the recommendations and suggestions on the best spots to explore in your AZORA GUIDE.

Night in Casco Viejo (Panama City), breakfast included.

Day 2:

After the breakfast, discover the Panama Canal and immerse yourself in the history of the city and the country with the explanations of your guide, discovering the old streets of Casco Viejo. Between logistical genius and historical diving, take advantage of this morning to immerse yourself in the Panamanian culture. It is recommended to enjoy of the afternoon to discover the neighborhoods of Panama City that you did not discover yet, and stroll through the many plazas and/or rooftops of Casco Viejo…

Night in Casco Viejo (Panama City), breakfast included.

Day 3:

On the way to paradise! Arrive at the archipelago of Bocas del Toro, and settle into your hotel on Bastimentos Island. It’s time to disconnect and enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the unique Red Frog Beach.

Night in Bastimentos Island (Bocas del Toro), breakfast included.

Day 4:

On the program: paradise beach, turquoise water and fish… A lazy day to recharge your batteries between tropical forest and white sand. We also advise you to take advantage of your presence on the Bastimentos Island to discover the village “Old Bank”. This is where the Afro-Caribbean community of Bocas del Toro lives, the visit of the village is definitely worth it.

Night in Bastimentos Island (Bocas del Toro), breakfast included.

Day 5 & 6:

Change of island for another “postcard” setting: rendezvous in the North of Colón Island or Carenero Island. In either case, settle in your bungalow on the water and enjoy a spectacular view. Dive into the turquoise water from your private deck and lounge on the hammock for a relaxing day in paradise. Two days of pure relaxation in the heart of a luxuriant nature, feet in the water. If you choose to stay on Carenero Island, you’ll be able to stroll around the island and take advantage of its beaches. It takes about 1 hour to walk around the island. It is worth it and highly recommended! You’ll find great spots to lounge by the clear water. Many good restaurants are at your disposal, feel free to check out our suggestions in your AZORA GUIDE. If you choose to stay on the north side of Colon Island, your playground will be the hotel and its facilities, as well as your private bungalow with terrace directly overlooking the water. Take advantage of your direct access to snorkel, relax with your feet in the water and read a book in the sun on your terrace.

Nights in Carenero Island or Colón Island (Bocas del Toro), breakfasts included.

Day 7:

Ready to discover another landscape of Bocas? Go to the heart of Bocas Town, where you landed in the first place. Take advantage of your hotel’s facilities and discover the vibrant atmosphere of the town. Even if already done in the previous days, you can spend the afternoon on the opposite island: Carenero. At only 1min of taxi-boat (1$ per person the way outward journey), you will arrive on a splendid small piece of land that you may already appreciate.

From Bocas Town, you can also go relax to Wizzard Beach, Starfish Beach (Playa Estrella) or Bluff Beach (or go back to Red Frog Beach) which are post cards jungle paradise. For the most adventurous ones, you can rent a 4×4 or a Quad bike to reach the very north of Colon Island where it is possible to dive into the Blue Lagoon…

Night in the center of Bocas Town (Bocas del Toro), breakfast included.

Day 8:

Departure at 9:30am from the hotel, direction the reserve of Bahia Honda where you can observe dolphins and sloths. You will take advantage of the journey to the island of Zapatilla to snorkel, observe the corals and many fishes. Grab your local lunch and sail with your guide to Zapatilla – a real “Robinson Crusoe” landscape. Enjoy a few hours on the uninhabited island and swim in the clear water… A real wonder for the eyes.

Night in the center of Bocas Town (Bocas del Toro), breakfast included.

Day 9:

Take the morning to walk around the center of Bocas and enjoy the hotel facilities before heading back to Panama City. You will have time to enjoy the vibrant capital of Panama on the afternoon.

Night in Casco Viejo (Panama City), breakfast included.

Day 10:

After your last night in Panama City, it’s unfortunately time to get back home. Our partner will pick you up at the hotel to get you to the airport. Have safe flight back!


Enjoy a beautiful escape on the Bocas del Toro archipelago. With your feet in the white sand and your head under the palm trees, you’ll lose track of time.




✓ Private airport pick-up & drop-off

✓ Accomodations & breakfasts

✓ Panama Canal & Casco Viejo visit

✓ National flight from Panama City to Bocas del Toro (Bocas Town) on Day 3

✓ Transfer by taxi-boat from Bocas Town to your hotel in Bastimentos Island on Day 3

✓ Transfer by taxi-boat from your hotel in Bastimentos Island to your hotel in Carenero Island on Day 5

✓ Transfer by taxi-boat from your hotel in Carenero Island to your hotel in Bocas Town on Day 7

✓ Zapatilla Island tour

✓ National flight from Bocas del Toro to Panama City on Day 9

✓ Transfer by taxi from the airport in Panama City to your hotel in Casco Viejo (Panama City) on Day 9


✓ Follow-up & assistance


✗ International flight: check out our airline comparator to find the best flight options

Feel free to reach out if you need any assistance for booking your international flights.

✗ Lunch & dinner

✗ Tips & personal expenses


✓ We can also arrange full pension in some hotels, if you are interested. Feel free to let us know if needed.

*The standard price is calculated for double occupation (2 persons). The price may evolve depending on the number of people, the season, the availabilities at the selected hotels and the duration of the stay.

Customize your trip

Discover our recommendations to personalize your stay in Panama. Select the activities and/or places you’d like to add to your itinerary, and we’ll be happy to tailor your circuit to your wishes.

Seasons in Panama



May, June, September & October


The wet season brings increased rainfall and higher humidity to Panama. Tropical rain showers are frequent, but they usually occur in short bursts, leaving ample time for exploration between warm showers.



July, August & November


This season offers lush green landscapes, vibrant flora and fauna, and reduced tourist crowds. However, outdoor activities may be affected by occasional heavy rain.



From December to April


During this period, Panama experiences the dry season when rainfall is minimal, and the weather is predominantly sunny and warm. It is an ideal time to do outdoor activities, visit coastal regions, and enjoy beach days.

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